Handyman Vac Center


Products & Services

We're located near Lancaster, Pennsylvania in New Holland.


We offer new vacuum cleaners:

Hoover, Lux (Electrolux), Shark, Royal, Cirrus, Miele, Sanitaire, and Pro-Care.  Home and commercial models.


We offer rebuilt vacuum cleaners:

Kirby, Royal, Tri-Star, Rainbow, Filter Queen, Hoover, Sanitaire, Dyson, Shark.  We offer occasional rebuilt classics such as Kirby G-4, Royal model 4650 power team, Super J Lux, etc.  Call for latest availability.


We offer bags and belts for most brands.

We repair most models.


Local sales and service only.  Supplies (such as bags and belts) can be mailed.


Owner of Lancaster County's longest running Hoover franchise...back to 1935.